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                       Ammonium Chloride Industry Grade 



                      CAS: 12125-02-9
                      Molecular Formula: NH4Cl
                      HS Code: 282710
                      EINECS: 235-186-4
                      Water Solubility: Easily soluble
                      Appearance: White crystal/granular
                      Packaging Details: 25kg/50kg PP+PE bag, 1000kg/Jumbo bag
                      Application :
                      It is mainly used in industry of dry cell, electroplating,dye, precision casting, tanning, etching, feed additive and pharmacy etc. Granular ammonium chloride and agricultural grade powdered ammonium chloride are mostly used as basic fertilizer for compound fertilizer production.
                      Specification ;

                      INDUSTRY GRADE
                      GB/T 2946-2008
                      NH4CL(As Dry Basis) %
                      99.5 Min
                      Moisture %
                      0.5 Max
                      Fe %
                      0.001 Max
                      Sulfate %
                      0.02 Max
                      Heavy Metal (Pb) %
                      0.0005 Max
                      Residue In Ignition %
                      0.4 Max
                      PH Value (200g/l Solution, 25 ℃ )

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