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                       Ammonium Chloride Agricultural Grade 



                      CAS: 12125-02-9
                      Molecular Formula: NH4Cl
                      HS Code: 282710
                      EINECS: 235-186-4
                      Water Solubility: Easily soluble
                      Appearance: White crystal/granular
                      Packaging Details: 25kg/50kg PP+PE bag, 1000kg/Jumbo bag
                      The granular color can be custom-made by customer .
                      Ammonium chloride can be applied as nitrogen fertilizer in agriculture. It has two dosage forms of powder and granular. Granular ammonium chloride is not easy to absorb moisture and is easy to store, while powdered ammonium chloride is more used as the basic fertilizer for producing compound fertilizer. It is a physiological acid fertilizer. It is not suitable for application on acid soil and saline-alkali soil because it contains more chlorine. It should not be used as seed fertilizer, field fertilizer or foliar fertilizer. It is also not suitable for avoiding chlorine crops (such as tobacco, potato, citrus, tea tree, etc.). ) applied. Ammonium chloride is highly effective and stable in rice fields, because it can inhibit the nitrification of rice fields, favor the formation of rice stem fiber, increase toughness, and reduce rice lodging and pest invasion.
                      Specification :

                      AGRICULTURAL GRADE
                      Fraction Of Nitrogen(N) %  
                      25.4 Min
                      25.0 Min
                      Moisture  %  
                      0.5 Max
                      1.0 Max
                      Sodium Salt % 
                      0.8 Max
                      1.0 Max
                      Particle Size(2.00-4.00 mm) % 
                      75 Min
                      70 Min


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